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Brilliant in the Hot Seat©

The most important quality of a manager is being able to make decisions; perfectionism clearly costs too much valuable time!

'Resilience means survival'*

Always making the best decisions

or 'analysis paralysis'?

Research indicates that under pressure top-managers have difficulty (and make mistakes) when doing simple arithmetic (start at 300 and subtract 3 repeatedly).
Professional managers in the Hot Seat are trained to function properly in a stressful situation, to decide under pressure about life and death, environment, high cost installations and organisations.
The training Brilliant in the Hot Seat© gives access to your physiology, the 'origin' of behaviour: stress-control right at the source.

'The problems facing an incident commander do not come in a standard size or shape and almost by definition, they have unusual, unanticipated and unexpected elements.'*

Sitting in the Hot Seat

You are sitting at your desk going through you e-mail. An employee with a technical problem enters your office. Together you take a look at the blue prints and you're discussing some possible solutions.

Suddenly there's a muffled boom, a vibration ... and the sound of the fire alarm!

In a flash all kinds of thoughts go through your mind: which people are in danger, what's the risk for the firemen, the organisation, the management, previous incidents, your carrier, your reputation ...

'For incident command, particularly the opening stages of a crisis are usually the most critical phase.'*

You feel the stress running through your body.
How will you behave? Will you make decisions and what kind of decisions?
Will you freeze or stay fully in control?

In the 'Brilliant' training you learned to apply your stress regulation techniques. You control your breathing and you remain in control. You assess the situation; you've got full access to your knowledge and experience. You know you have to make discissions and you know you can. Your calm alertness reflects on your team. Imperturbable calm as in the eye of a hurricane. The fire is not yet under control, but the situation is.

Every leader with a 'hot seat' position will recognize this kind of situation. A management situation that changes in a split second from people management to incident management. Change of leadership, change of priorities. Lots of training but every situation is unique.

Transfer 'Unknown area' in an 'Area Known to all'

You enter an unknown area of thinking and acting; with reactions unknown to yourself and others.

The Brilliant in the Hot Seat© training** makes this 'unknown' area accessible with direct feedback through real-time performance-graphs. Training under normal and stressful situations to learn to stay in control of your physiological system. So no fight, flight or freeze reaction, but alert professionalism. That's the way to learn to always have access to your full potential.

'The ability to stay calm, to listen to others and to be adaptable are key characteristics of effective incident commanders.'*



You apply for an e-communication-account. You describe some situations where the demands exceeded the resources, in other words where you were not entirely in control. The other participants will do the same.

The training

Each manager chooses a case that he wants to discuss plenary. The influence of stress on your mental performance will be measured in role-play exercises. Practising with a group of experienced managers will lead to new insights.
But most important, it's about you, how do you always act brilliant in every situation. You will learn practical techniques with a visible (graphical) result.


Practice: every day, alone, at home and on the job. And you send a short report to the trainer.


The training consists of 4 half-day sessions: 3 half days successively and after 3 months a follow-up session.
In the mean time you will be coached by the trainer through your IVPO e-communication-account.

*Source: Sitting in the hot seat - Rhona Flin
**This training (or supplement on existing scenario-training) is offered only to organisations.

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